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Creative Calligraphy Course

A 2-way online modern calligraphy course for beginners that makes it as close to an in-person experience as possible. 

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Develop Your Own Calligraphy Style

Our Signature Styles Course details the creative process of developing your own style - from inspiration to cohesion to letter formation and so much more. 

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Want to start your own Calligraphy Business?

Calligraphy Business Kickstarter is a 6-week business course, to help start your business from concept to launch - taught by a calligrapher for calligraphers, and build a foundation for success. 

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Invitation Design Bootcamp

Bringing Your Invitations to Life 

a design-focused course with a specialty in creating calligraphy invitations from concept to reality. Enrolment is currently closed and will reopen in fall 2024

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Find Your Signature Style

Interested in taking your calligraphy to the next level, by developing new calligraphy styles? Learn the building blocks, techniques to create a cohesive, consistent style you can call your own. 

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Interested in learning calligraphy but don't know where to start?

"There's so many tools out there, it's so overwhelming!" - I've been there. "I tried to learn it on my own, but I just don't know if I'm doing it right!" - I get it. "My handwriting is terrible. I'll never be good enough anyway." I know the feeling. Or "I've started but I don't have the motivation and the discipline to get better" - I hear ya.

That's why I developed the Creative Calligraphy Course

It's a step-by-step program that's a combination of videos+worksheets as well as a homework+assessment support system to help imrpove your calligraphy skills.

Everything I've learned from 8+ years of calligraphy

10 detailed sessions with complete worksheets, resource guides and homework. Plus 3 bonus videos!

You don't have to learn it alone

You'll be part of a private FB group where you can learn from me and all the students. Plus lifetime updates as I improve this program over the years.

I'm journeying with you through it.

You'll get access to live sessions where you can ask your questions. You'll receive feedback and tips through your homework submissions.

"Joining the Creative Calligraphy Course with Karla has been an amazing journey learning to basic fundamentals of modern calligraphy. Each class is so detailed and thorough, and the live personal classes with her have been amazing! I wouldn't have been able to reach my current skill level without Karla's help! CCC is a must for anyone starting out! "

Celeste N.
CCC Spring 2020 Student

Practice makes progress

You'll hear that a LOT around here. But it's true! I love this quote that my fellow calligrapher, Younghae from Logos shares often: 

"Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise."

- Michael Jordan

It could not be even more true. In order to grow your calligraphy skills, practicing the basic strokes is going to really make the difference. 

Get a headstart and practice the strokes!

Interested in learning modern calligraphy as a beginner?

The Creative Calligraphy Course is an amazing program for beginners!


The Creative Calligraphy Course is opening soon!

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