Have you ever wanted to develop your own calligraphy style without copying someone else’s work?

I feel you. When I was developing my own, I found it hard to break the mold. I wished there was a step-by-step process to create calligraphy styles that are cohesive, consistent and evoke the feelings I wanted to convey.

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If you've wanted to take your calligraphy skills to the next level by creating something new and refreshing, then you've come to the right place.

I've had the incredible chance of creating many calligraphy styles over the years, developing them for various applications, different kinds of people, and even to creating fonts. 



But here's a little secret...


Developing a calligraphy style is not a linear process. it's a journey! It will take time and a lot of refining and fine-tuning to get it to where you want it to be. It's certainly not impossible! :)  

I’ve taken everything I’ve gained from creating my own calligraphy styles, fonts and wedding invitation lines to a game-changing technique of creating your very own signature calligraphy style.  


This Signature Styles Course is filled with ideas, techniques and experience to help you break that mold and gain the confidence to develop your own style.


Here's what you'll get...

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8 Comprehensive Video Sessions

Lifetime access to videos that go through all the theory and techniques, as close to an in-person experience as possible. 

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50+ Pages of Worksheets

We're all about putting your efforts into practice - with detailing worksheets, reference documents and notes to help challenge your creativity.

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Live Session Support

Access to a 1 small-group live session and Karla's personal assessments to your homework to support your calligraphy style development. 

What's in it this course:

  • Session 1: Introduction + Resources
  • Session 2: The Building Blocks of Style
  • Session 3: All About Inspiration and Moodboards
  • Session 4: Letterform Relationships
  • Session 5: Detailing Exercises
  • Session 6: Connecting and Flourishing
  • Session 7: Incorporating Inspiration
  • Session 8: How to Make the Style Stick

In the span of these video sessions, you'll also get a look at how I created my own calligraphy styles. Nothing beats learning through experience!

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Here's what our students have to say...

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I have been looking for an intermediate calligraphy course, specifically for developing my style, for a while even way before Karla announced her Signature Styles Course. Needless to say, I was thrilled to see the course being offered but at the same time I didn't know what to expect. After watching the first few sessions, I truly felt like I learned so much even before getting into the practicing part. Karla's videos were thorough and easy to follow along with, so it kept me engaged. I finished all her sessions in two days and even made my own exemplar! The tips she provided were exactly what I needed to start developing my own style of calligraphy/lettering. I love that the videos are lifetime access because I already see myself going back to it again and again for a refresher as I continue to refine my style. This course is definitely worth the investment for someone looking to create their own calligraphy/lettering style(s) with the right direction and guidance!

Lynda S.


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I've found this course invaluable for creating my signature style as it has taught me how to understand letter relationships and those "nuances".  Now when I begin to letter something I've got the principles of styles echoing in my head so that I'm able to critique my own work and make adjustments accordingly.  It's such a great tool to have.

- Tanya W.
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When I tried developing my own scripts I never thought about all these details, all these letter relationships and even the way you connect the letters had a reason. I was too focused on the overall look of the styles but somehow something was always missing! Thank you for breaking it down in detail for me, it was such a game-changer - like the d's and the g's, etc. Thank you so much for making this course and going so in-depth!

Angel E.

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It was really enlightening and helpful for me! Thank you for changing my mind regarding modern calligraphy. I was always super intimidated by this style and couldn't understand it, until this course! I leaned toward the "classic" styles such as copperplate because I understood the structure of how to form the letters and what are the ground rules are for them, but I was honestly scared by modern calligraphy as I could not find any of the "guidelines" that were specific to the classic styles. After listening and taking notes from your course, I really felt that it wasn't scary anymore and that I could do it too! I can't find the words to tell you how relieved I felt because all of a sudden, one of the things that I was willing to try and learn was not terrifying anymore. I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you took the time to share those information with us and make them look super natural and simple to understand.

Ada M.


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Seriously, I've taken a number of online calligraphy courses and watched a lot of live sessions but this is the most useful one I've been able to take. Thanks sooo very much for your extremely informative class, great analysis for the letter relationships and also that inspiration bit - really helped me look at the bigger picture for creating my calligraphy style. I haven't made one yet, but I can't wait to start and I'll let you know! 

Madie G. 

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