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Creative Calligraphy Course

Our comprehensive step-by-step calligraphy program perfect for beginners and first-timers. This course focuses on building the right foundations for pointed-pen calligraphy - from the proper tools to the basic calligraphy strokes, to learning the lowercase and uppercase alphabets, to connecting and flourishing letters. 

We are relaunching this course with 2 main options, a basic package which contains the pre-recorded videos and the printable worksheets, as well as a premium package that includes everything in the basic package, plus homework assessments at every session, plus live sessions up to 12 months! 

Enrolment is currently closed for 2022 for the premium package as our main instructor, Karla, will be on maternity leave for the latter half of the year. We will have a mini enrolment in October for a basic package!

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Signature Styles Course


Our intermediate course designed for students wanting to develop their own calligraphy style. This course is a product of my experience in developing multiple calligraphy styles for various clients and inspirations. 

The program covers details from developing a keen eye to letterforms, to creating moodboards and incorporating inspiration to letters, letterform relationships, detailing challenges, creating an exemplar and tried and true techniques to make the style stick. 

The course enrolment is open all-year round, and is available now!

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Invitation Design Bootcamp

This masterclass is intended for advanced students looking to learn how to design their own invitation from concept to print.

The program covers details from conceptualizing, calligraphy, digitizing calligraphy and illustrations, foundations of Photoshop and Illustrator for designing invitations, from preparing files to print, printing options and paper sourcing, to assembly and delivery. It’s perfect for hobbyist calligraphers who are thinking of designing their own invitations, or if you would like to take your calligraphy skills to the next level with learning the foundations of graphic design and printing methods.

This course is closed for enrolment and will reopen in 2023. 

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Calligraphy Business Kickstarter

This masterclass is intended for advanced students to develop a calligraphy business from start to start-up!

This program will be focused on the things you need to know to develop a thriving calligraphy business. There’s going to be so much invaluable information here to help you get started on the right foot as I share my business secrets, tips and tricks and lessons I’ve learned, etc.

In this course, you’ll…

  • Define the core product/service offering of your calligraphy business 

  • Learn the in’s and out’s of starting a calligraphy business

  • Market yourself effectively and cohesively 

  • Create a solid operations flow for your business 

  • Know how to price yourself effectively 

  • Learn what happens once you actually book the clients and what are the best practices
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