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Creative Calligraphy Course

Our comprehensive step-by-step calligraphy program perfect for beginners and first-timers. This course focuses on building the right foundations for pointed-pen calligraphy - from the proper tools to the basic calligraphy strokes, to learning the lowercase and uppercase alphabets, to connecting and flourishing letters. 

This is a two-way program, with homework/assessments at every step, 2 group live sessions, and a private FB group as we value community in learning. 

The course enrolment opens 3-4 times a year, so that we can focus on the individual growth of each student.

Enrolment is currently closed and will reopen fall 2020.

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Signature Styles Course


Our intermediate course designed for students wanting to develop their own calligraphy style. This course is a product of my experience in developing multiple calligraphy styles for various clients and inspirations. 

The program covers details from developing a keen eye to letterforms, to creating moodboards and incorporating inspiration to letters, letterform relationships, detailing challenges, creating an exemplar and tried and true techniques to make the style stick. 

The course enrolment is open all-year round, and is available now!

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Designing Wedding Invitations

This is our premier course that is catered towards students wanting to design their own wedding invitations. This will comprehensively cover the design process, including how to digitize your work, utilize Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator to create wedding stationery. 

There will be two optional tracks: a business track for students looking to develop a business out of wedding invitations, and a photography and styling track for styling flatlay wedding invitations. 

Coming 2021.

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