Learn to Write Calligraphy Confidently and Creatively

The secret to learning calligraphy is getting started on the right foot - with proper tools, techniques and the feedback to make the necessary adjustments. 


If you've always loved lettering, enjoyed crafting, or wanted to get creative with your hands, you've probably thought of learning calligraphy at some point. 

But maybe it seemed intimidating, overwhelming, difficult, or the time commitment to learn it seemed too much. Lots of "buts!"


But actually, here's the thing.

Calligraphy is such an expansive skill. There's SO much you can do with it - it's meditative and therapeutic, and at the same time, it can be applied to so many different areas like card-making, gifts, invitations, and so much more. 

...and the time commitment to learn it, is actually just 20-30 minutes a day!

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Don't you just wish someone who's successfully practiced calligraphy for awhile, in the style you like, would just lead you step by step? 


That's why I developed the

Creative Calligraphy Course.  


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from being a calligrapher and teaching sold-out workshops (with over 1000 students), for the last 8 years into this step-by-step online course that will help you write calligraphy confidently, understanding the concepts so that you troubleshoot and grow your skills.


The Creative Calligraphy Course is filled with every little bit of info you will need to get started in calligraphy, and more!


Here's what you'll get...

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10 Step-by-Step Sessions + Bonus Videos

Lifetime access to videos that go through all the theory, techniques, troubleshooting, as close to an in-person experience as possible. 

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Content and Commitment Support

100+ pages of worksheets, resource guides, homework, calligraphy workout plans to cultivate a good practicing discipline.

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Exclusive Community and Feedback

Access to a private Facebook group and 2 small-group live sessions to help you nurture your learning journey alongside fellow students.

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An overview of what's to come:

  • Introduction + Commitment
  • Session 1: Defining Modern Calligraphy + Tools 
  • Session 2: Writing Techniques and Basic Calligraphy Strokes 
  • Session 3: Lowercase Letters Group 1
  • Session 4: Lowercase Letters Group 2 
  • Session 5: Lowercase Letters Group 3
  • Session 6: Uppercase Letters Group 1
  • Session 7: Uppercase Letters Group 2
  • Session 8: Uppercase Letters Group 3
  • Session 9: Connecting Letters 
  • Session 10: Basics of Layouting and Envelope Addressing
  • Bonus Videos
    • Numbers 
    • Digitizing Calligraphy
    • Writing on Things Aside From Paper
    • Lefties

Here what our students have to say...

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Karla’s love for calligraphy shows in her instruction. She is so personable, I felt like I was sitting by her side. She offers a wealth of expertise and encouragement. I loved receiving immediate feedback from Karla on my progress. The live sessions with Karla are worth the price of the class alone. 

Michele N.

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Loved watching the videos for each session and learning all about
calligraphy, from the best tools to use (and why), to using
calligraphy for a number of different projects. Karla explains
everything so clearly and makes sure to teach each lesson at a pace that
lets you follow along and process the information. I also appreciate
that you can pause, go back, and learn at your own pace. I’m looking
forward to honing my calligraphy skills through the course!

Rebecca W.


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I loved learning from Karla. She is such an incredible teacher. The class was very relaxing and she was very helpful. I had zero experience but after the workshop I felt more confident about my calligraphy skills. I still need to practice but I have the foundations thanks to her. I highly recommend this workshop.  

Jenny G.

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I give Karla’s calligraphy course the highest recommendation! Karla is an excellent teacher, offering explanations as well as close up videos demonstrating the concepts. She also teaches three different options for writing a letter which I liked. Her style is beautiful and artistic- and she is able to teach how beginners like me how to replicate the letters. Her resources were excellent! Practice sheets, recommendations for nibs, posture, hand placement, hand exercises- she covers it all! And in such a calm and encouraging manner! I learned so much!

Jane B.

Enroll in the Creative Calligraphy Course 

Here is the breakdown:

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3 monthly payments of


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6 monthly payments of


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The red carpet experience of our videos, worksheets, assessment plans and live video sessions with support for 120 days, is valued over $650! We promise - you are getting SO much with this online program.

Enrolment is currently closed.

To provide each batch of students the attention they need to learn calligraphy well, we open our enrolment a few times a year. Reopening in late Fall 2020. 

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