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So you've been practicing your calligraphy, lettering and creative work for a while. Now, you're interested in making wedding invitation suites, but there is so much you don't know!

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You're ready to turn your ideas into invitations, but you have so many questions.

  • Confidence - Is my calligraphy style ready for this? The thought of starting from scratch is so intimidating!

  • Technical - How do I digitize my calligraphy and create the design? What are my printing options? How do I prepare files for printing? 

  • Design - I have no design background, how do I make things look good, high-end and yet stay true to my style? 

  • Logistics - Where do I find suppliers for paper and all the pretty elements, and how do I get things printed? 

  • Originality - I'm not sure how I can create an invitation that's different from what's already in the market. 

  • Clients - How do I deal with clients with regard to design? What's the best process? 

And that's why I created the Invitation Design Bootcamp

It's a design-focused course that teaches you the process of coming up with designs, the technical skills to put your artwork from your paper to the computer, the process of presenting it to your clients, the best practices for setting your files up for printing, and all the tips and tricks for assembly and delivery - all the things I actually do at my studio on a daily basis.

I’ve been designing invitations for years and have learned a lot of tricks along the way. I know what works, what doesn't work, and I've got all my secrets in one place so that you can start making your own beautiful custom invitation designs right away. The Invitation Design Bootcamp will help you skip all of the navigating, heartache, confusion, mistakes I've had to learn the hard way 

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You'll be able to create gorgeous invites with ease by following my step-by-step instructions on how to use Photoshop or Illustrator. You won't need any prior experience because this course is designed specifically for beginners in graphic design! It's perfect if you're looking for a creative outlet or wanting to start a business in the future. Plus, there's really something so beautiful about bring a concept to life, from sketches all the way to stunning, high-end invitations in print.  

If there's anything I learned about being an invitation designer for so long, is that there's so much more to it than just knowing how to create your calligraphy/artwork and graphic design --- it's knowing how to put it all together, telling the story of your couple, and elevating the vision they have for their wedding.


This Course Will Help You...

  • Build¬†confidence¬†to create your own unique, elevated designs¬†that¬†reflect your style, as well as your client's wedding vision

  • Fill in the gaps for your¬†technical skills, so you can digitize your artwork and design stunning stationery for print

  • Connect all the dots for logistics¬†to make the invitations come to life such as your suppliers, printers, shipping, etc.

  • Develop visually-appealing and meaningful mockups¬†for your clients that get approved quickly

  • Create print-ready files¬†for your printer¬†

  • Reduce client (and designer) pain-points¬†through a tried and true process

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Here's what you'll get...

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10+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Videos

Lifetime access to videos that go through the design theory, use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for stationery design, creating mockups, assembly, and more! 

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Industry Secrets + Insider Tips

Resource Guides, Templates, Content Forms, and all sorts of helpful documents that will help equip you as an invite designer. Supplier list? Printer list? Yes, yes yes! 

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Exclusive Community and Feedback

Access to a private Community group and 2 live sessions to help nurture your path to becoming an invitation designer with like-minded individuals

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Here's what the course covers: 

  • Introduction + Tools/Resources  
  • All About Stationery, Printing, Assembly Options
  • Step 1: Client Conversations, Wedding Styles, and Working with Inspiration 
  • Step 2: Photoshop for Invitation Designers 
    • Photoshop Essentials for Invitation Designers 
    • Preparing your calligraphy work for digitizing 
    • Scanning your illustrations / watercolor paintings 
  • Step 3: Illustrator for Invitation Designers 
    • Illustrator Essentials for Invitation Designers
    • Digitizing your work - calligraphy + illustration
    • Creating 3 Invitation Suites from Start to Finish 
    • Working with Unique Materials: Handmade Paper, Custom Envelopes, Die Cuts, Vellum, Fabric, etc. 
  • Step 4: Creating Mockups: Presenting your work digitally 
    • Using Illustrator to create a mockup 
    • Using Photoshop to create a mockup 
  • Step 5: Printing Your Invitations + Preparing Files for Printing 
  • Step 6: Assembling: Best Practices, Troubleshooting, etc. 
  • Step 7: Timing, Delivery and Follow-up 
  • Bonus: Invitation Design Process with a Client  

P.S. We'll actually design this suite that you see on the picture here!

What our students are saying...


Jessica @lilbutterflycalligraphy

Joining IDB is such a blessing for me! I love designing and styling, but I didn’t know the appropriate way to do it. Karla taught us the right process in designing invitation step by step and provided lots of useful downloadable files for practice and as our resource guide. She also checked our homeworks and gave generous feedbacks. One thing that I love, Karla created IDB community, where we could learn from, encourage and support one another. I really recommend this course for everone who wants to become a wedding stationer!

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Dianne @flourishinkcalligraphy

The invitation Design Bootcamp is the best investment I have made in planning to start my own invitation design business. Karla has an amazingly calm presence in the videos and this coupled with the indepth course material that flowed in an orderly fashion from one week to the next meant that you had enough time to digest the content and practice the skills before moving onto the next module. I had so much fun learning, I was sad when it was finished! Thanks to this course I now have confidence to share my new work on my Instagram/portfolio!

Crafted by DQ

Denise @craftedbydq

Invitation Design Bootcamp is a great course for both aspiring invitation designers and those building their brands. The resources, the videos and the tips shared in the course are elaborate and comprehensive in explaining the design process, especially how Karla broke down the steps into easy-to-understand concepts. The walkthrough on Photoshop and Illustrator are extremely helpful - for one who isn’t adept on these software tools, now I can't imagine designing without these! I definitely recommend the IDB!  Thank you so much Karla for imparting such amazing knowledge!

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Molly @olympicplaceprints

I loved the design bootcamp. Karla was available and able to answer all of my questions along the way as I needed! I had so many little things that I was curious about and needed to know more. And this course was it for me!!! Thank you to Karla for being so patient and kind and for answering all of my silly questions.


Dani @inkedblankpage

This course was packed full of valuable information regarding all the steps it takes to create invitations. From creating mood boards and client interactions to actually designing invites, it was awesome to see my visions come to life on screen! Can’t wait to see how they look in person after print!! 

cherry chan

Cherry @cutie.cherry.c.pie

I'm so blessed to have Karla as my teacher from the beginning to learn calligraphy till now. Her kindness, passion, teaching skill, material prepared especially the video help me a lot to build the knowledge. So nice that I can replay as many times as possible! Thanks for creating such a wonderful platform for us even I am living overseas!


Florielynn, @_florielynn_

The course not only helped give me confidence but it help round out my knowledge in all aspects of the invitation design process; fine tune my process and be more effective. The course was comprehensive for anyone wanting to do invitation design and for those that have some knowledge it was also very helpful. There's always room to learn and grow and in my experience the course also helped provide a different perspective especially from someone who has been doing this for a long time. I do not think anything was missed from the course. It covered all areas from beginning till the end and those added tips and tricks were great. The live sessions are fantastic. They allowed me to ask questions and have a conversation about it. It also help keep you pushing forward in your journey. Overall, Karla's instructions and overall course delivery was great. What I value the most is her willingness to help you, sharing her detailed knowledge and experience and being very open and genuine about it. All the hard work and efforts to make this valuable to her students really shows in the entire delivery of the course.

Jan Marie

Jan-Marie, @janmariescreative

I have learnt so much from your course - How to really connect with clients personal expectations and requirements. My creative ability has been encouraged to try new activities - ie sketching, creating mood boards, exploring different paper types, printing methods and shapes for invitations, along with various methods of embellishing invitations to personalize suites for clients. Your knowledge and experience shared with us was incredible - as demonstrated in your previous creations. Thank you Karla, I will definitely encourage others to sign up and complete your course.

Jan Marie

Rebeca, @latintadelcolibri

I was so excited to receive new content every week and learned so much in this course. The quality of the videos and resources was fantastic! Karla was a great teacher, very fast and open to share her knowledge every time we posted questions on the platform or during the live sessions which were a great resource to learn from other designers too. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in becoming an Invitation Designer. I’m ready to apply everything I learned into my business!

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Christy @mypacecalligraphy

I would highly recommend Karla's course to everyone who is interested in graphic design generally! IBD is highly practical and covers a wide range of content, from brainstorming designs to Photoshop/ Illustrator skills, to considering printing methods and paper selections. More importantly, Karla does not just teach you the technical IT skills, but she is creative and is a great artist herself! I felt so inspired when we were able to go through her amazing invite designs over the years! After taking Karla's course, I have set up my own calligraphy instagram page @mypacecalligraphy and have started designing greeting cards. The knowledge about digitising my own calligraphy, considerations about printing methods and paper selection have all become so useful when I made my design. I felt this is the first step in my design journey and I hope to design wedding invites in the future - can't thank Karla enough for all the inspirations!

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Alexandra @zimmermandesignstudio

I can't recommend Invitation Design Bootcamp enough! As someone with no formal design training it was essential for me in starting my journey as an invitation designer. Karla walks you through everything you need to know and is so encouraging! I learned so much about creating invitations that I wouldn't have figured out on my own- saving me time and money. Karla also teaches you how to create every type of invitation- digital printing, foil press, die cut, etc. This course is an amazing resource and if anyone wants to start designing invitations but doesn't know how to get started this is the course for you!

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Emma @emmanicoledesign

I got married in February 2023 and enrolled in the Invitation Design Bootcamp in 2021 before I was even engaged! With my hands-on approach to our wedding, I knew I wanted to be fully involved in creating my wedding stationery. As an alumni of the Creative Calligraphy Course and Signature Styles Course, I knew this course would be valuable to my creative process. With the tools I learned from this course, I was able to create my entire wedding suite myself from Save The Dates to the Formal Invitation. Every tool from planning, drafting, digitizing, printing, and more was covered. I was challenged to think outside the box and create a suite that was unique to us as a couple. Our formal invitation involved custom aluminum 4x6 sheets that were engraved! I was so inspired, I purchased a 6x10 tabletop letterpress machine, a hot foil stamping machine, 28‚ÄĚ guillotine-style paper cutter that weighs 400 pounds, and more!! While I am still recovering from the craziness of my own wedding planning, I know I will be using this course for more paper-related production in my future.

Enrol in the Invitation Design Bootcamp

Here is the breakdown:

One Time Payment

$627 USD

  • Lifetime Access to invaluable information to jumpstart your invite designer journey
  • 2 Group Live Sessions
  • Private Community Group
  • 90 Days of Email Support
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3-Month Payment Plan

$237 USD/month

  • Lifetime Access to invaluable information to jumpstart your invite designer journey
  • 2 Group Live Sessions
  • Private Community Group
  • 90 Days of Email Support
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If you are Canadian, you can pay the course in CAD for One Time Payment Option only. Please email us at¬†[email protected]¬†with proof of Canadian residence (such as a bill) and we'll help you out. We need proof of your residence¬†for tax and billing purposes.¬†

Think about it this way -

it only takes ONE custom invitation client

for you to pay this investment off.


The amount of time you'll be able to save learning from someone who's been doing it for a whiiiiile, learning all of the lessons she's had to learn the haaaard way, skipping all the sourcing she haaaad to do for all the materials and suppliers... 

It's just so, so worth it. I promise you, you won't regret it. 

I seriously wished I had this course when I was starting out!

Enrolment will reopen in fall 2024.

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If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @writtenwordcalligraphy.