Hi, I'm Karla

I wear many hats - wife, mom, boss, calligrapher, educator, and I love what I do.

A little bit about me!

INTJ. Enneagram 8. Jane of all trades. Serial entrepreneur. Obsessed with creating things with my own hands - baking, pottery, gardening, painting, engraving, photography, calligraphy (duh!) and I just love adding things to this list ðŸĪĢI'm a lifelong learner and proud of that!

A bit of a workaholic (really? just a bit?). I'm a tiny human (4'11) and maybe that's part of the reason I'm so driven to conquer the world! 

Currently residing in rainy Vancouver, Canada, with my hubby and my toddler, my two biggest fans!

What is Written Word Calligraphy all about?

Written Word has always been a passion project between God and I, an adventure where He is leading me. Written Word started as a wedding invitation and design studio, then I also started offering in-person workshops. Over time, the need to create calligraphy products allowed me to add wax seals, practice pads and pens into my shop. 

After having my son, God impressed in me a desire to share my experiences and knowledge to the people around me, hence the birth of Written Word Academy, a curation of creative and business related courses to help people in their journey. 

What's Different About Me

My aesthetic for design and calligraphy has often been described as minimal, elegant, timeless, imbued with neutral, cohesive palettes. I create things with intention and inspiration. My passion for creativity and details have become a huge part of my being an educator, guiding and leading my students in every way possible.


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