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All About How I Got Started in Calligraphy // Written Word Spotlight Episode 1

Just like you, my journey in calligraphy started somewhere. I still remember scouring through the aisles of Michaels trying to find the right tools for writing in calligraphy. At that time, I was so overwhelmed with all the options and I really wasn't sure which one to get, what tools to use, and of course, there's also all about how to write. There wasn't one good place that I could get all the info I needed, and there weren't any modern calligraphy workshops close to where I lived. So, trial and error, asking, making mistakes, was what I did. The learning curve was steep, but I was determined. 

I shared a bit more about how my childhood and my creative experiences over the years have shaped my calligraphy style, in our first Written Word Episode, here: 



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