Aspiring to start a calligraphy business?

Are you an aspiring calligrapher looking to take the next step in your journey and start a business? Do you have questions about what it takes to start a calligraphy business?

5 Keys to a Flourishing Calligraphy Business

WHEN: Wednesday, August 25, 2021, at 9AM PST or 430PM PST
Replay will be available for all who register

I'll be sharing some of the common challenges we face in the calligraphy industry and how to overcome them (including some personal stories). If you're an aspiring calligrapher or letterer looking to start your own calligraphy business, click the button below to save your seat!

Yes, save my seat!

Starting a calligraphy business can really be intimidating. Maybe you've just started one, or thinking of it, but --

You're struggling to...

  • Polish your calligraphy and other skills to "make it look professional enough" to run a business?
  • Consistently attract and book the right paying clients for your calligraphy business? 
  • Decide which calligraphy business model is best for your personality, your market and your skills?
  • Focus on what will effectively start AND grow your calligraphy business? 
  • Price yourself "correctly" that will lead to customers saying "yes"?
  • Understand the mechanics and strategies behind starting a business in general?
Is this you?

If your answer to any of the above is a "OH YES", then you'll absolutely want to check this training out. 

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5 Keys to a Flourishing Calligraphy Business

a.k.a Lessons I wish I knew BEFORE I started my calligraphy business

For every one of these 5 keys, I'll be sharing some invaluable lessons I've learned the hard way, a personal STORY of how overcoming each challenge has made my business stronger, and you'll get to ask me all those burning questions in the Q&A.

Save My Seat

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:

Key 1: Gear up on your Calligraphy Skills - and how to do that. 

Key 2: Craft a Target Market for your business - so you can choose a business model that works. 

Key 3: Market to the Right Crowd - and make this strategy sustainable 

Key 4: Price what you're worth - and you are worth it! 

Key 5: Grow with the changes - there's always something happening in a business, "no normal is the new normal" 

And I know you're going to have questions, so we'll have a Q&A session at the end to hammer through your challenges. 

Count me in!

Hi, I'm Karla from Written Word Calligraphy!

Creator of Creative Calligraphy Course, Signature Styles, Invitation Design Bootcamp and Calligraphy Business Kickstarter.

... also a luxury wedding invitation designer, calligraphy supplies creator, and a mom. 

I've done just about every type of calligraphy business in the span of 9 years and I'm so grateful to do what I love, every single day!

This training is a culmination of the many lessons I've learned specifically in the calligraphy business industry, taught by a calligrapher for calligraphers. I promise that after this free training you'll walk away with new ideas, inspired to start your calligraphy business with much more confidence that brings in ALL your dream clients and customers to you. 

Are you excited?

I sure am. What are you waiting for? Take the next leap forward in your business journey through this free training. 

Here are the two timeslots: 

  • August 25, Wednesday 9AM PST (Vancouver Time)
  • August 25, Wednesday 4:30PM PST (Vancouver Time)

If you can't make it, still register so that we can send you the replay plus some extra bonuses! We'll also be sending you a form to fill out with questions so that we can answer them in the webinar.

So excited to share with you some of my tried and true secrets of the trade!

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