Invitation Design Bootcamp

Your all-in-one program for learning how to design calligraphy wedding invitations! 

  • This course talks about the EXACT method I go through when I design invites - from concept/client consultation, to moodboards/mockups, to digitizing my artwork and making it come to life in graphic design, and then making it tangible in print.  
  • It's an advanced course, so it's ideal if you've been practicing 6-months or more. If you're still new to calligraphy, it's okay to take it too - it depends on your capacity to learn. But ideally, once you start creating invitations for clients, you'll want to have more experience under your belt to ensure your style has stabilized. 
  • This is an 8-week course, with content releasing once a week for 8 weeks. 
  • We will reopen in 2023 for enrolment.

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